Motivating Media for the Work Ahead

By Patrick Metzger

We’re all still processing the world that we live in. Over the past few weeks as my mind has grappled with the work ahead, the obstacles we face, and the strange attitudes of our fellow humans across the country, I’ve been reminding myself of the beautiful art and media that encourages my brain to focus on the right questions instead of trying to find the one answer that will solve it all.

There is a great deal of work to do, and in the off-hours, it’s important to cultivate our steadfastness, muster up our courage, and nurture our hearts.

Here are some things that have been guiding me forward for the past few weeks. I’ll be keeping this up to date as a kind of running list, so please comment with other suggestions for films, books, YouTube videos, podcasts, nonviolent resistance training, etc that inspires you to action.


Processing & Inspiration

Strange Bedfellows


One thought on “Motivating Media for the Work Ahead

  1. Thanks Patrick. This list is really helpful! Mr. Rogers, Pete Seeger, Alan Watts and Bob Dylan. All have been helpful to me today. Love you!

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