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Podcast Episode 1 with Chris Faroe

It’s official: The Patterning is now a podcast! Some of you may have caught the brief intro episode I released a week ago, but today marks the release of the first full episode. I’m very excited to be taking The Patterning into an auditory medium.

For my first guest, I was very excited to interview my dear friend, Chris Faroe. You can listen to our full conversation here:

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Chris thinks really deeply about how we all live together as humans on this beautiful blue marble in the cosmos. His songwriting is intimate and inspiring. His career design methods are mind-opening. Generally, he has a lot of wisdom to share, and we dug into a lot of interesting stuff—a perfect inaugural podcast interview!

Another something new: I now have a Patreon! If you’re curious to hear a few additional minutes of conversation with Chris, you can subscribe to The Patterning on Patreon and you’ll get a couple bonus episodes. I’ll be slowly expanding all the extra “goodies” that people get when they sign up to be a “Friend” of the podcast, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much to everyone for your ongoing support!

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